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About: How circular supply chains can improve the life cycle assessments (LCAs) for reusable packaging systems


At Re Company, we create and manage supply chains for reusable packaging containers, as well as other physical products such as rental and return kiosks.

It’s important that we understand the effect that our choices have on our life cycle assessment reports (LCAs), so we wanted to share our findings, and explain why a circular supply chain is key to any reuse system’s overall impact on the environment.

ROI Calculator

Adjust the settings to your business type and cost of single use packaging. We’ve seen this help in negotiations with partners.

A wholesale catalogue designed for your
reuse system

[Food and beverage containers]

22oz Cup

from $1.50

Dimensions: W/100mm , H/150.5mm
Weight: 35g
Material: Virgin PP
Design considerations:
  -  Lid designed to be used with or  without a straw (normal or boba straw)
  -  Mono-material for simple recycling
  -  Texturization to delay wear and tear
Manufacturing location: Thailand

Re Company 22oz cold cup

8/12/16oz Cup

from $2.00

Dimensions:                        Weight:
8oz: w/90 , H/80 mm            65g
12oz: w/90 , H/110 mm           72g
16oz: w/90 , H/140 mm          80g
Material: 70% rPP, 30% Virgin PP
Design considerations:
  -  Exterior texture improves the user experience by insulating against heat
  -  Lid designed to allow space for toppings
Manufacturing location: Thailand

Re Company's 8oz hot cup, 12oz hot cup, and 16oz hot cup


from $2.50

Dimensions: W/100 , H/150.5mm
Weight: 90g
Material: Virgin PP
Design considerations:
  -  Exterior texture delays wear and tear
  -  Dual compartment
  -  On-container reuse communication
Manufacturing location: Thailand

Re Company's clamshell

Delivery Box

from $7.50

1L: W/154 , H/68.5 , L/252
1.5L: W/154 , H/88.5 , L/252
1L: 226g
1.5L: 245g
Material: 70% rPP 30% Virgin PP
Design considerations:
  -  Airtight no spill function is ensured with a fully recyclable TPE ring
  -  A vent plug can be opened to ensure crispy food stay crispy
  -  Easy cleaning with no crevices or sharp edges
Manufacturing location: Thailand

Re Comapany's 1L swapbox and 1,5L swapbox
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[Rental and return kiosks]

Smart Return Kiosk

$3,500 - $6,500

A technically enabled return kiosk designed to make returns convenient for users. Distributing these stations around a building or campus ensures high user adoption and return rates.

Weight: varies based on dimensions
Material: Plasterboard, MDF, Aluminum and/or Tempered Glass
Design considerations:
  -  RFID, NFC or QR code Compatible
  -  User friendly interaction and communications display included
Integration method: local agent to device, cloud middleware, both
Manufacturing location: Thailand and Wisconsin
Display optional

Re Company Smart Return Station with screen

Analog Return Kiosk

$650 - $1300

Re Company analog return station designed for Starbucks

We offer a
Custom Kiosk Service

We can create an original kiosk design for your reuse system. Tell us your specs and we do the rest.

Choose from:
Plasterboard, MDF, Aluminum and/or Tempered Glass
Tracking IOT:RFID, NFC, QR, and/or barcode
Manufacturing location:
Thailand or Wisconsin
Dimensions and branding customized

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