Case studies celebrating our inspirational partners

The companies we work with are redesigning the future of packaging. We applaud them and everyone working to solve challenges in the transition to reuse 👏👏.

Starbucks has ambitious reuse goals: they want 50% of their cups to be reusable by 2030.

We came in as a kiosk supplier for their Hong Kong reuse program launch. So far we have seen over 10,000 containers eliminated from waste streams.

A lesson learned: these bins will be worn down quickly! They must be designed for longevity, especially in open city systems. Investing in higher quality materials pays off in the end.

PepsiCo is responding to consumer demand: they have exciting plans to implement reuse systems in universities and medical centers.

We designed the optimum cup for cold beverages, including everything from soda to boba. We also incorporated 70% recycled material (and maintained visual transparency!).

A lesson learned: user experience is hugely influenced by industrial design, from storage to use to sanitation and drying.

Muuse has solved for 90%+ return rates: their operations with partners in Singapore and Hong Kong validates the argument that reuse can SIGNIFICANTLY reduce packaging waste.

We designed an ideal container for packaging delivery or takeaway meals. A major consideration was given to accommodating diverse meals and Asia-specific foods.

A lesson learned: the higher the complexity of the design, the higher return rates need to be to justify up front costs.

Google is working toward zero waste campuses: they aim to de-carbonize all of the supply chains they currently rely on for food service.

We designed a bucket to be used for the transport of bulk ingredients. This was created in tandem with all members of the food supply chain, from farm to table.

A lesson learned: back of house operations are a great place to ensure EOL materials are recovered. The key to success of reuse systems is sanitation at the distribution level.

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