Reusable packaging
for modern food systems

We supply reuse systems with optimally designed, rented containers and cycle them back into our supply chain at end of life.

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Reusables = Up to 98% decrease in carbon impact of packaging

How we work

Our hands on “packaging as a service” model helps reuse operators maximize their waste saving affordably and transparently.

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Design to share, not to own

A snapshot from
the catalogue

We use Human Centered Design methodology to create products that meet all stakeholders’ needs.

  • Easily recycled (Designed for end of life reprocessing)
  • Highly durable
  • Sustainable materials
  • Space saving
  • Made for diverse foods
  • High heat resitant
  • Customisable
  • QR Coded (Serialized)

*All designs patent pending

Our markets

[Closed Loop Food Systems]

Who we are

We are a team of international designers and engineers who came together to make reusable packaging truly circular.

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Re had humble beginnings as a masters thesis between three friends studying in Madrid, where less than 2% of single use packaging is ever effectively recycled. We became acutely aware that single use packaging, including recyclable and commercially compostable products are destroying the integrity of our planet’s ecosystems. At scale, the most impactful and viable alternatives are reusables, with the power to radically disrupt the packaging industry. With that realization in mind (what we call design futures), we set out on a mission to deeply understand the needs of successful reuse systems and design tools to help build them more effectively.

Good design has the power to optimize reuse systems’ waste saving potential, improving product longevity, user experience, and overall carbon footprint of products in use. Pairing this with a deep understanding of materials science, recycling and cradle to cradle supply chains, you get Re.

Our Philosophy

We believe that design is a crucial lens through which to view the packaging waste crisis.

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Our products are designed for the circular economy

We only supply reuse systems

Our products are used exclusively within rent-and-return packaging programs.

Cradle to cradle supply chain

Everything we make is reclaimed at the end of it’s functional life and reprocessed into material we can use again.

A cradle-to-cradle supply chain model is based on the concept of circular economy, integrating design and science to conserve materials and eliminate waste. We execute our cradle-to-cradle model by controlling every stage of our products’ journey - before and after they reach end users. This requires thorough evaluation of chosen materials and the process whereby materials come back into our supply chain for reuse/repurposing. We ensure that all materials used in our products adhere to the cradle-to-cradle principles of reusability and safety for the ecosystem, AKA being approved as some of the safest materials for the food application by the FDA and EPA, as well as being easily recycled and re-pelletized.

At this stage we are using highly durable virgin and recycled polypropylene, food grade silicone and TPE. These are all materials with high recycling demand, meaning it’s feasible to create a closed loop because of existing recycling infrastructure. They also generate high quality recycled products even after various recycling cycles. These materials are chosen to holistically satisfy the application needs of the reusable products, especially considering the durability needed to withstand hundreds, if not thousands of uses and dishwashing cycles.

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