Reusable packaging
for the circular economy

We design and supply all the necessary hardware for a user friendly transition
to reusable packaging

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Products designed for modern food systems
Our products are:
• recyclable
• durable
• high heat resistant
• customizable
• made for diverse foods and drinks
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Customization friendly catalogue
We provide the exact product that companies need and have it customized and submited to a trusted manufacturer in our network within minutes.

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Don’t worry about what happens
to your products at end of life

We reclaim them and reprocess the material.

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Our “End of Life” Policy

Product Return at End of Useful Life. Under this PaaS model, you have an obligation to return the products once they have reached their End of Useful Life. Re Company will retrieve the products from you once they have reached the End of Useful Life. These products will then be recycled properly and/or introduced back into our supply chain when it makes sense to do so. When products reach their End of Useful Life, you agree to aggregate such products at your facility in one location per city. Re Company will make arrangements with you to pick up those products periodically from your facility. As part of this Agreement, you agree to aggregate at your facility and return to Re Company all products in your possession once such products reach their End of Useful Life. Re Company recognizes that you may not be able to recover all of the products from your own customers. Re Company, however, reserves the right to refuse to allow you to purchase additional products or impose an additional charge on you if you fail to return the products in your possession that reach their End of Useful Life.

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Know your carbon score
We aggregate all data across our localized supply chains to report the accurate carbon footprint of each product we create.
Case Study
How the food boxes for Muuse were ideated, designed, and manufactured to achieve a convenient & accessible reuse system within cities, cafes, and corporates that make it easier for consumers to choose reuse.
Our trusted partners in the reuse community
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