We build the physical infrastructure for reusable packaging systems

We holistically design and supply all the necessary hardware to start or scale your reuse program

Item qualities: durable, stackable, lightweight, microwave safe, tracking, LCAA collection of Re Company's products including hot cups, cold cups, and food boxes

"How might we"

use human and planet centered design to...

Increase adoption rates, improve return rates, decrease costs, increase product lifetime

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Re Company 22 oz Cold Cup

+ Longer product lifespans mean:
      + lower product costs .
      + quicker return on investment
      + better LCA scores
+ Textured surfaces to prevent
+ Coupling and decoupling should not create unnecessary wear and tear.
+ Wall thickness should reduce the possibility of breakage

F&B containers

+ Better user experience mean:
     + higher user adoption
     + retention
     + less friction in onboarding
     + being inclusive of people with disabilities, dietary restrictions or other specific needs
+ Meeting all stakeholder needs


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an outstanding

Re Company Smart Return Station with screen

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Map of a circular supply chain

We function circular - see the supply chain loop we are building for each product

This means we think A LOT about the materials we use

Materials in C2C supply chains:
why we use rPP

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Circular supply chains can improve LCAs for reuse systems

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How we think about product stewardship and EOL

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