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[Food and beverage containers]

22oz Cup


Dimensions: W/100mm , H/150.5mm
Weight: 35g
Material: Virgin PP
Design considerations:
  -  Lid designed to be used with or  without a straw (normal or boba straw)
  -  Mono-material for simple recycling
  -  Texturization to delay wear and tear
Manufacturing location: Thailand

Re Company 22oz cold cup

8/12/16oz Cup


Dimensions:                        Weight:
8oz: w/90 , H/80 mm            65g
12oz: w/90 , H/110 mm           72g
16oz: w/90 , H/140 mm          80g
Material: 70% rPP, 30% Virgin PP
Design considerations:
  -  Exterior texture improves the user experience by insulating against heat
  -  Lid designed to allow space for toppings
Manufacturing location: Thailand

Re Company's 8oz hot cup, 12oz hot cup, and 16oz hot cup



Dimensions: W/100 , H/150.5mm
Weight: 90g
Material: Virgin PP
Design considerations:
  -  Exterior texture delays wear and tear
  -  Dual compartment
  -  On-container reuse communication
Manufacturing location: Thailand

Re Company's clamshell

Delivery Box


1L: W/154 , H/68.5 , L/252
1.5L: W/154 , H/88.5 , L/252
1L: 226g
1.5L: 245g
Material: 70% rPP 30% Virgin PP
Design considerations:
  -  Airtight no spill function is ensured with a fully recyclable TPE ring
  -  A vent plug can be opened to ensure crispy food stay crispy
  -  Easy cleaning with no crevices or sharp edges
Manufacturing location: Thailand

Re Comapany's 1L swapbox and 1,5L swapbox
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[Rental and return kiosks]

Smart Return Kiosk

$3,500 - $6,500

A technically enabled return kiosk designed to make returns convenient for users. Distributing these stations around a building or campus ensures high user adoption and return rates.

Weight: varies based on dimensions
Material: Plasterboard, MDF, Aluminum and/or Tempered Glass
Design considerations:
  -  RFID, NFC or QR code Compatible
  -  User friendly interaction and communications display included
Integration method: local agent to device, cloud middleware, both
Manufacturing location: Thailand and Wisconsin
Display optional

Re Company Smart Return Station with screen

Analog Return Kiosk

$650 - $1300

Re Company analog return station designed for Starbucks

We offer a
Custom Kiosk Service

We can create an original kiosk design for your reuse system. Tell us your specs and we do the rest.

Choose from:
Plasterboard, MDF, Aluminum and/or Tempered Glass
Tracking IOT:RFID, NFC, QR, and/or barcode
Manufacturing location:
Thailand or Wisconsin
Dimensions and branding customized

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